WordCamp San Diego Event Information

With less than 2 days to go, we wanted to release some day-of details for both those who will be attending and those who will be joining us online.  If you have any specific questions, please use the form below.

Table of Contents

  1. Do I Need A Ticket?
  2. Share on Twitter
  3. Location & Parking
  4. What Do You Need To Bring?
  5. Will There Be Free wi-fi?
  6. Will The Event Be Streamed Online?
  7. Is There An After Party?
  8. Main Event Schedule
  9. Developer Day Need
  10. Have A Question?

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Developer Day at Co-Merge

So if WordCamp and the After Party were not enough, we decided to go for the triple play on developer day.  Special thanks to our venue sponsor Co-Merge for hosting us.

Pictures after the break.

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Developer Day

While sitting around and hacking some problems away is a great way to spend a Sunday, we thought we’d put together a Dev Day mini track for developers that want to take themselves to the next level. Leverage the knowledge of key players in three different businesses that all use WordPress as a core to take your dev foo to the the power of 12.

If you are thinking that this Sunday is for you, drop us a line so we can plan ahead.

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WordCamp San Diego 2012 Website Badges

Hey folks, so things are heating up. We figured we’d post the website badges you can use on your sites to let folks know you’re attending, speaking, sponsoring and so on 🙂

I'm Attending

We're Attending

I'm Speaking

I'm Sponsoring

We're Sponsoring

Note: Just right click to save the image, then place them wherever appropriate on your site. Most folks link their badge back to the site, a good link would be https://2012.sandiego.wordcamp.org/

Thanks to our Branding Sponsor Sarah at Sw33t for the awesome artwork.

Let us know what you think.


WCSD 2012 Organizing Team

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Want to help WordCamp? Work the Smart Bar!

Always a key component to WordCamps, the Smart Bar, is a place where users can get hands on help from WordPress experts.  Not only does this allow for end users to get exposure to the talent in the community, it also helps avoid the ‘How-To” questions in sessions, making WordCamp a much better experience for all.

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WordCamp San Diego 2012 – SOLD OUT


We were hoping for something similar to last year where we sold out in a little less than 4 days. Boy were we surprised! Today, in 11 hours 55 minutes we managed to sell out the event for 2012.

So how do you get a ticket to the event now?

Well that is simple, you sign up to be a sponsor. While the main spots are taken, we do have session and individual sponsorships available. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please send an email to info@wordcampsd.com.

You can find more information on the sponsorship packages here – Become a Sponsor

Thanks and thank you all for helping us make this a great event!

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WCSD 2012 – Lodging Options

Are you coming to WordCamp San Diego 2012? If so, you might need a place to stay.

We just released a list of good options here: https://2012.sandiego.wordcamp.org/lodging/

Can’t wait to see everyone!

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WCSD 2012 – Registration Opens February 15th 2012

We have been getting a lot of inquiries about registration.

No, tickets are not on sale yet. We’re still working on a number of things to ensure we bring you the best event possible. One of those things is getting the list of speakers ready so that you know who will be talking. Its the one things we got a lot of feedback on last year, having the list of speakers available before registration.

That being said, we are happy to announce that February 15th 2012 is the date tickets go on sale. You will see a registration option on this date with all the information you require.

We are approximately 1 1/2 months from March 24th!!!! w00t!

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WCSD 2012 – Call For Speakers

Hi Folks

Just wanted to make sure you all know that the call for speakers is on right now. Find more info here: https://2012.sandiego.wordcamp.org/speakers/

If you’re interested please contact us at info@wordcampsd.com with your topic and abstract.

Thanks in advance!


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WCSD 2012 – Site Updates

Hi everyone…

Just wanted to let you know that we have made updates to the 2012 site. Here is a quick list of the updated pages:

More to come soon!!

Got questions? Send them to info@wordcampsd.com.

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